Sunday, June 18, 2006

Best places to buy Orchids

Best places to buy Orchids are from sellers where you know what you're getting.

If you shop by price Online, you can get a HUGE variety or levels of quality. For example, an Orchid takes an average of 4-6 years to bloom from seed or meristem. Each Orchid grower gives a different amount of quality into how they care for their plants. So, if you were to buy a meristem Orchid, which is close to the same as another meristem Orchid from another grower, there can be a huge difference in quality. Possibly one plant will not bloom for 2 years after you receive it in the mail, and the same name plant may bloom immediately from another grower.

Orchids have verying strength stored up depending on where you buy from. You want to buy from a grower that sells plants that have good strength, so when they vloomj for you, they'll have the energy to bloom longer, reploom, have strong leaves, live well, and increase in size / quantity of blooms over the years.

When I worked for Rod McLellan Company, I had many roles. One was to be the company brand and travel to Orchid growers, especially around the US. I went to places such as CA, Chicago area, NY, Maine, CT, Hawaii and more on Orchid finding R&D trips.

It was AMAZING the difference of quality of plants I would see. I'll post more on some great places to buy Orchids in the future. But, I will tell you this now - of all the big growers I visited, and I did visit most of the big growers in the US, or ordered their plants at some point or heard experiences,
Carter and Holmes Orchids was one of my TOP favorites, as they were very nice people, grew great plants, took good care of their greenhouses, and ran a good business.


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