Sunday, June 11, 2006

Orchid Tips - new blog: Orchid Care Tips

This is the new Blog on the Orchid Tips Website, designed to bring you the newest information about:
  • Orchid Care Tips for growing Orchids, taking care of sick Orchids
  • Orchid Varieties that are favorites for various types of growers and conditions
  • Upcoming Orchid Shows
  • Interesting Orchid thoughts
Please note - what are called "trolls" are not welcomed on this site. Trolls interrupt useful, helpful conversations with irrelevant, negative information that is meant not to help, and instead hinder. Positive and negative posts are fine, but as long as it is in the Orchid related world. I will pull advertisements and posts I deem harmful from this Orchid Care Tips Blog.

Have a wonderful time reading this blog. I have created it to help you with Orchid Care as I worked for years for the #1 Orchid Company, Rod McLellan Company, wearing a huge number of hats as their Orchid expert, Orchid judge, hybridizer, public speaker, manager, etc.


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