Saturday, July 22, 2006

Top 10 secrets that let you know it is time to repot your Orchid

Top 10 secrets that let you know it is time to repot your Orchid
  1. Orchid roots are growing over the edge of the table and the plant is pulling itself to slowly crawl back to the rainforest
  2. Roots are not only aiming straight up but you can't tell them from the leaves as there are so many roots
  3. Bark has broken down after a couple years into sludge
  4. You can't tell what the medium is or if it was even Orchid potting bark
  5. Your Orchid has fused itself to another plant and you can't separate them without getting a kitchen knife and performing surgery
  6. There are no roots on your Orchid and it doesn't remember what it it like to have roots in mix in a pot
  7. You can't see any mix in the pot as either the Orchid has eaten it or forced it out somehow over time
  8. You can't remember ever hearing the word repot don't know what it means
  9. The Orchid in this photo is yours
  10. The Orchid in this photograph is owned by a friend of yours
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